Things to consider when buying a short wave radio

History of short wave radio

A short wave radio might have features that are not present in other types of radios. For example, in order to communicate through this radio, the person is required to use the high frequency (HF) section completely and the upper part of the MF or medium frequency. This means the length of the waves released ranges from around 1800 kHz to 30,000 kHz. Just as the name suggests, the length of the waves released and received through this radio is shorter in nature and are around 200 meters in length. They were first discovered in December 1921 and in 1922, when an experiment was conducted, it was found that at a distance of 200 meters through these short waves, there were around hundreds of people who were heard by those who were experimenting on making this radio successful. They soon gained popularity and even more people got involved in its growth and development. Marconi was even able to transmit signals from around 32 meters and even now, this is an important discovery.

Is it an important radio?

When shortwave was initially discovered, it was said that they were not considered to be important and were taken to be useless because no specific purpose could be identified which can make them useful and applicable. Now, it has been found that this radio has various benefits and potential that had not been identified before. The most important advantage pertaining to short wave radio is that it allows the facilitation of long distance communication in an easy and simple manner. This was something, which was not possible before its discovery. People can easily convey their message and important data over long distances with the help of shirt wave radios.

What are some of the important points that people need to take into consideration?

There are some also point concerning short wave radios that people should be aware of. The meter band for these radios may vary from 11 meters to 120 meters and thus a person can select whichever meter band they prefer. Also, for the radio with a meter band of 11 meters, the frequency range is from 25,600 to 26100 kHz. On the other hand, for the radio with the highest meter band i.e. 120 meters, the frequency range is 2300 to 2495 kHz thus people should also be aware of the frequencies before they try buying this radio.

Different broadcastings that take place through this radio

Amongst the broadcasting that takes place, it includes international broadcasting, domestic broadcasting, Utility stations, clandestine stations, Numbers stations, time signal and radio clock stations and over-the-horizon radar. People may listen to any broadcasting that they are interested in and another benefit that they may receive from short wave radio is the low cost that they face for using it. This is because there are various short wave radios around the world that are being sold at very cheaper rates but their functions and quality is amazing and thus people can enjoy using them.